Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Full Steam Ahead!...

...for most of American Greetings' other properties, or so it would seem.

It's been the bulk of 3 years since The Get Along Gang's big comeback was first mooted and someone, somewhere must have had fairly convincing evidence that an undisclosed, but no doubt substantial, amount of blood, sweat and tears, not to mention cold hard cash was worth investing in their return from hypersleep.

Unfortunately, the official publicity campaign has consisted of little more than hints and whispers, so far. Anyone would think A.G. had hired Opus Dei to big this up, not one of the licensing industry's Top Guns.

Come on, T.C.F.C,* what's the big hold up? :(

(Read that quote, in context, courtesy of the Wayback Machine, as it's no longer on Joester-Loria's website.)

*Those Characters From Cleveland


Artytoons said...

Now that the 2006 Christmas rush is over at this time, perhaps AGC can re-evaluate things for the go-ahead of the New Gang concept or a revival of the 80s Get Along Gang concept for a marketing re-entry in time for the Holiday Season of '07.

If ordinary non-American Greetings-employed fans like you and me can still come up with a plethora of fan drawings and ideas based on the long-officially-dormant 80s Gang idea and with many other fans still remembering those Clubhouse Caboose cartoon memories back in the day, I like to think there are still lots of untapped creative potential behind those furry little kids of Green Meadow town that AGC can bring back into a revived long-term going concern.

There's hope.
I suppose I still play the Dotty Dog role of cheerleader to root for AGC to work on the new Gang concept mixed in with Montgomery Moose's quiet patience in waiting (...and waiting)...for any good news from the home of the Big Rose.

The Gang still influences me to this day, gosh darn it!!

Paul M. said...

American Greetings still seems to be interested in some sort of relaunch for the Get Along Gang.

They were recently granted further extensions of time to file "statements of use in commerce" by the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office, for most of the "surviving" GAG characters with more to follow soon, (We hope).
Whether this means major developments are about to unfold or just that we're in for another 6 months on tenterhooks, isn't yet clear.