Saturday, September 13, 2008


Partly inspired by Cornelia Parker's "Breathless" .


Artytoons said...

Instead of sharing a clubhouse caboose...the Gang is sharing a flat.

Paul M. said...

Maisonette actually, but not for much longer, I fear. :( Oh, for the curious, I did consider just giving them up to a hydraulic press, road roller or industrial calendering machine, a la, David Letterman.

That would have crushed their eyes and (except for Woolma), their noses to atoms and if done the wrong way, ie head first, might have resulted in ears, antlers, hair ribbons and pigtails being torn out. Split seams may also have occurred.

The actual flattening method was far gentler. I merely removed the stuffing, placed them on their tummies between a pair of slightly damp towels and with a steam iron (linen setting) proceeded to...well you can join the dots from there. I'm especially pleased with the way Montgomery moose turned out.