Thursday, April 28, 2011

DVD Ahoy!

More info-morsels about the Cookie Jar/Mill Creek Get Along Gang DVD release have just emerged.

Massive hat-tip once more to Tristan Enorme .

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Tristán Enorme said...


Thank you very much once again, believe me, i was really surprised when i did a simple Google search for "Get Along Gang DVD" and found the page in the first results!

I'm kinda proud of being the first one to notice it, coming from a 17 year old guy who just last year didn't even knew what "The Get Along Gang" was. If i find any other information about the release, i will promptly inform about it. I just hope that the release includes my favorite episode, "Bingo's Pen Pal" :D

24 years of rest have come to an end for our cute little least for a little bit.

Happy Greetings!