Monday, May 04, 2015

The Fizz Awakens!

The Buddy Bears were intended to be a send up of "The Get Along Gang" and other allegedly similar shows which have faced in the past and continue to face entirely bogus charges of "promoting group harmony over individual validation". The thing about works of satire is that in order to work they have to resemble the thing they're attacking in more than just a superficial way and the B.B.'s just don't cut the mustard.

Besides having next to no visual resemblance to the characters they're ostensibly lampooning, their twisted take on "getting along" i.e. always doing what your buddies are doing or always ordering the same thing in a cafe, even if you don't want to, in every episode no less, is not backed up by the available evidence.

There are however scenes in the original, that could be creatively misconstrued by those skilled in the dark arts of spin and malicious gossip. Those scenes typically depict some character practicing so called "Individual Validation" in a way which puts the others at an unfair disadvantage and sometimes even in actual physical danger. Who in their right mind would celebrate and promote such a thing? Not the Get Along Gang and not their script writers and creators either!

This blogger can't promise that The Get Along Gang, at least in the form that it eventually took, will entertain or inspire all those who encounter it but for those in doubt surely it would be better to find out for themselves if it's for them or not instead of relying on unfairly biased and substantially untrue allegations made by "animation historians" and "walking encyclopedias of cartoon knowledge" that are not always as trustworthy as they seem.

P.S. Happy Star Wars day! :-)

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