Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Plastic Fantastic

Here's a closer look at the 2" Get Along Gang figures, which you may just be able to make out in the previous post.

Main Characters:
Top- Zipper Cat, Woolma Lamb, Portia Porcupine
Bottom- Bingo "bet it all" Beaver, Dotty Dog, Montgomery "good news" Moose

Secondary Characters: Top- Braker Turtle, Flora "forget-me-not" Fox, Rocco Rabbit, Lolly Squirrel, Leland Lizard
Bottom- Hocus Hare, Pocus Possum, Bernice Bear, Rudyard Lion, Catchum Crocodile


Artytoons said...

The Catchum and Leland figurines and some of the "usual 6" (Montgomery, Dotty, Bingo, Woolma, Portia, Zipper) figures were sold in the UK only. Very rare finds in the US.

Artytoons said...

The Hocus Hare and Pocus Possum figurines were also UK-only products...very rare in the US.

Paul M. said...

The little sockets on their feet are so they can be attached to various accessories such as clockwork vehicles (skateboard, box cart and river raft) and playground items such as a tree swing and see-saw and parts of the "Clubhouse Caboose" itself.

Tomy UK carried this idea over into their "Acorn Green" toyline, which was essentially a "me too" of the Get Along Gang, aimed at a slightly younger audience.

Artytoons said...

The Acorn Green line was never sold in the US. I've seen ads for British comic annuals featuring the characters in the 1980s.

The similiar Sylvanian Families toy sets were sold in the US and later had their own DIC cartoon show as well in the late 1980s. Maple Town had a similar setting as well with Japanese anime origins.

All lines featured clothes-wearing anthro animals living in a forest setting.