Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Traducers

A common charge brought against characters like "The Get Along Gang", is that they preach "The Complainer is always Wrong, the Group is Always Right" thanks largely to the screen/comic writer and contemptible lying gobshite Mark Evanier peddling  specious crap on his website and elsewhere and the seemingly endless churning of it by some of the web's more credulous elements.

Most, if not all online talk about the show seems to be dominated by those keen to pay lip service to individualism but happy to let someone else form their opinions for them. How ironic! All Evanier's efforts and those of his fellow traveller, the late Donald D. Markstein seem to have done is help entrench the very "Groupthink" they tried to attack.

Here's a mad idea, instead of following the herd and blindly parroting someone else's "P.O.V.", why don't all you "individualists" out there check out a few episodes for yourselves . You might just find that some of those long held assumptions of yours hold a lot less water than you thought!

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