Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Five Things I Hate About the G.A.G. Pilot Episode

I agree with the majority, that Nelvana generally did a great job of animating The Get Along Gang TV special, (WARNING- LINK LEADS TO AREA OF EXTREME YOUTUBE COMMENT IDIOCY) ,however, there are still a few elements of it I'm glad DiC didn't use in the series proper:

1. Your mileage may vary over DiC's Montgomery Moose but at least he didn't sound like Foghorn Leghorn. On Helium.

2. Making Leland Lizard part chameleon was a cool idea. Making him more irritating than Scrappy Doo, Jar Jar Binks, PeeWee Herman and a ton of itching powder combined? Not so much. That trilling, gargling sound he makes instead of actually speaking doesn't help...

3. Bingo "bet it all" Beaver. Yes, its the voice again. Nails down a blackboard or rusty gate hinge? You be the judge.

4. We're the Get Along choir, hi how are you
enjoying the show?, now it's our job to
Add a totally unnecessary running commentary
to what's happening on screen
despite the fact that you can see

It perfectly well, thanks all the same
and by about now we really can't blame
You for getting mad and wishing that we'd fall under a bus
'cause there's few things quite so grating
as intrusive voice-overs

5."Bing bang bong..." No, Dotty Dog, that's just rubbish. Here, take this stack of foolscap and a biro and write out "I will not make cheers that suck harder than a bagpipe powered vacuum cleaner.", twenty thousand times. Then go stand in the Naughty Corner, next to the person who did the voice casting.

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Artytoons said...

From this Get Along Gang fan's humble opinion:

1. How does Dotty and Montgomery both know how to drive a Model Q?

Go-cart race, I can understand. An actual motorcar?...ehhhhh...

2. Leland's voice. Agreed.

3. Would be nice if the "other 6" kids were able to speak lines of dialogue on their own for personality development.

4. Bing Bong Bang. Cheers for Tone Deaf Ears. Agreed.

5. One episode with all 12 gang kids. Enjoy it because there ain't no more...