Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lord of the 'Boards

Just a quick post to flag up this little gem on ex-DiC Get Along Gang storyboarder Jim Smith's blog. No not the big bloke with the axe and a slight anger management problem, brilliant though it is. Scroll down a bit... no just a bit further... there, yes that one. (Phew! You readers are such hard work at times.* )

It looks to be from "Get Along Gang Minus One"**, where Bingo "Bet it All" Beaver finds out he's moving house but can't convince his buddies that this time it's the truth and not just another scam...

*Yes, both of you.
**If anyone knows different feel free to comment.

1 comment:

Artytoons said...

Very nice find! Expressive.

The gang chasing Bingo at the end of the story...a definite iconic image.